Public Safety Media Training

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Our Media Seminars have been created by Emmy Award Winning Network Television News Veteran and author, Russell Ruffin  who has spent a career covering everything from murder trials to Presidential campaigns.   Ruffin has produced for America’s Most Wanted, as well as for numerous Crime Watch and Crime Stoppers broadcasts.   He also consults with Fortune 500 companies and Public Agencies for Crisis News Management.

2 Day Classes (16 Classroom hours)

Video Simulated Breaking News
Live On Camera Training
Live Ambush Interviews
Facebook LIVE Demos
Good and Bad Media Relations Clips
Building Your Public Image
Releasing Timely Facts
Talking Off the Record
Holding Effective News Conferences and Interviews
Keeping Your Message On Track
Never Having to Say “No Comment

To make your training experience with us more realistic, your interviews and news conferences will be conducted before a full-PennyCopdarker colorsize television news camera.  A variety of breaking news simulations will be projected before the class.  Each participant is encouraged to participate by going before the LIVE camera to submit to questioning.  Your instructors and the rest of the class will act as “reporters” by asking tough questions.  We will then give you a helpful critique along with a DVD video to take home and view.

Eventzilla occasionally experiences outages in various parts of the nation.  In the event you do not see a list of classes and dates below, please call us directly by phone to speak to a LIVE person and we will register you manually and provide any information you may need.    Phone: 303-470-0716