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How to Get Rid of Wind Noise

If you ever decided to shoot and distribute your own Soundbites to the News Media or post them in the Social Media, use the Hi Def camera in your Cell Phone.  For the best audio, plug an external microphone into the earphone jack of your cell phone; that’s right the microphone should be plugged into the ear phone me it works if you use the right microphone. If you are shooting outside on a windy day you are going to get a lot of wind noise.  To reduce even hurricane force wind sounds, Russell Ruffin has a trick that will make your audio sound as good as the professionals’.

Easy to generate a Positive News Story

One way to create a Positive news story is to let the media know “how” you are doing your job.  If you are using Social Media to solve crimes, that may be OLD news but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it current.  All you need is just one NEW piece of information:  If Social Media helped you solve a crime this month, THAT is your peg;  you have just made the story current; it doesn’t have to be earth shattering information.  Send out a news release and be sure you have someone available for interviews and quotes.  You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Dallas Police HQ Shooting

Hopefully, the public will remember the brave officers who put their lives at risk thousands of times every day to protect and serve.  If officers would use the social media to publicize all of the heroic acts they are routinely involved in, it would more than counteract all of the negativity posted by the critics.