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We're On-Location When News Happens - Keeping Our Training The Most Current in America

Our veteran broadcast journalists and producers have created the nation’s leading, hands-on, interactive training experiences.  Conducted in 40 U.S. cities.

The creator of our training is Emmy Award Winning Television News veteran Russell Ruffin, who wrote the book on Media Relations, in fact, he’s written two of them used today by the nation’s top news makers. His publications include: Media Matters, an examination and critique of the best and worst media experiences, as well as Media Survival, the Public Information Officer’s Guide and textbook for media relations professionals.

When you train with us, we put you in front of the same lights and news cameras you will face with the news media.  We reveal the tricks-of-the-trade that will prepare you for those tough interviews and news conferences.  You’ll discover how to generate and attract positive news coverage.   We’ll give you an objective critique and a video recording of your on-camera performances.

Lessons Learned from Real World Events

Russell Ruffin has spent a career covering the world’s major news events for NBC, Fox and the European Broadcast Union.  He has interviewed everyone from Presidents and Dictators to death row inmates, from the 911 attacks to the fall of the Soviet Union.  Today, Russell Ruffin and training coordinator Penny Carter go the scene of America’s major breaking news to create a “Lessons Learned” analysis for newsmakers.

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